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Why should you prefer a holistic dental service  

Holistic dental service, an approach towards dental treatment that considers aspects such as social, environmental, biological and overall wellness of the patient. The dental treatment is not restricted to the tooth alone but also involves providing equal importance for the overall evaluation of the patient. Further, minimally invasive treatments are preferred for most of the dental treatments as a part of holistic dentistry. While many of the dental conditions may require active treatment using traditional methods, several others may be prevented using a holistic approach. Here are a few aspects of holistic dental service which you need to know.

In holistic dentistry importance is given to the person

Under holistic dental service, importance is given to the person in general and not just the tooth alone. This allows the dentists to understand a lot about the underlying issues which may be giving rise to the dental problem. For example, poor knowledge about oral hygiene is the precursor for many conditions such as bad breath, bleeding gums, tooth decay, and in some cases, dental infections. In such instances, it is not only important to treat the condition, but equally important to make the individual understand the importance of oral hygiene. Such an approach helps resolve the current condition and also prevents further recurrence. Additionally, the importance of periodic dental visits can also be reinforced.

Holistic dentistry is about understanding the whole body

Dental conditions are often the first symptoms of several chronic disorders such as diabetes and even certain skin conditions such as psoriasis. Under holistic dental care, the dentists ensure a complete evaluation of the current dental condition and its association with any other illnesses. Hence such an approach solves the dental problems and helps identify some undiscovered illnesses which may otherwise be missed due to the lack of characteristic symptoms. Importance is given to the body as a whole rather than focus only on the presenting complaint.

Overall cleanliness is of utmost priority

Holistic dental services believe in the concept of ‘do no harm’. In several instances, patients visiting hospitals suffer more from ‘hospital acquired infections’ rather than the cause which drives them to seek medical care. A lack of infection control measures in the hospitals usually leads to this conditions. Holistic dentists ensure that infection control is given the highest preference so as to prevent the spread of infections within the dental office. This ensures a healthy environment for all patients as well as the staff at the dental office. So, at a holistic dental service, you are rest assured that you are getting treated in a hygienic environment.

Conservative approach

The conservative or minimalistic approach is followed as a part of holistic dental services. This includes restoration of teeth only when there is definite tooth decay; preference for fillings such as inlays and onlays in teeth with extensive decay, but not wide enough to suggest a crown; and the avoidance of amalgam fillings which contain mercury. Additionally, conservative approaches such as pulp capping would be suggested instead of a root canal in teeth where the pulpal involvement is doubtful. Such approaches are often useful in avoiding root canal treatment in teeth with deep cavities. Root canal treatment and extraction are considered as the last resort when all other conservative approaches fail.

Prevention better than cure

Giving importance to preventive oral care to prevent tooth decay and other oral conditions is also a vital part of holistic dental service. Several conditions such as bleeding gums, tooth decay, bad breath and tartar can be prevented with correct oral hygiene measures. The dentist and the dental hygienist as a part of holistic dentistry educate the patients about such aspects so that these conditions can be prevented. In several instances, tooth decay can be arrested in the initial stages with proper preventive measures. Worsening of tooth infections can also be avoided with early initiation of dental treatment. The dentist evaluates the whole mouth to identify or rule out other dental conditions which may be otherwise asymptomatic.

Holistic approach for surgeries

While surgical approaches are often avoided in holistic dental service, minimally invasive surgeries may often be necessary to treat certain gum disorders or for procedures such as placement of implants. In all such instances, the dental team follows a holistic approach to evaluate the situation in detail to ensure minimal injury and quick recovery. Use of sophisticated technology such as lasers, microscopic dentistry, computerised evaluation, and intraoral cameras can also be the part of holistic approach to ensure accurate diagnosis and evaluation of the underlying condition. Such a detailed approach helps in the precise planning of the surgery and hence better outcomes. Healing of wounds is also faster when surgeries are carried out with precision.

Holistic dental service or biological dentistry has changed the way dental offices used to perform dental treatments. Although many such services are a part of the regular dental care, dental clinics which follow a holistic approach take additional efforts to emphasize preventive and specific care. A holistic approach not only helps resolve your dental issue, it also ensures that you understand the root cause of the problem and address it accordingly. Such an holistic approach is useful in preventing complications related to dental issues and also avoiding the occurrence of dental problems in most of the instances. Visit a dentist today to know how holistic dentistry can help resolve dental worries and ensure a balanced approach to dental as well as general health.

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