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Low cost dental implants - How they affect your oral health

Dental implants are screws placed within the jaw bone to support a crown, bridge or a denture. They are the most favoured method for replacing missing teeth, especially in the younger generation. However, low cost dental implants may not be always a feasible option in many. The success of the low cost dental implants and others depends on several factors and these must be taken into account while planning to get an implant placed.

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Underlying factors that can influence

There are several aspects which can influence the success rate of dental implants. Underlying medical conditions and jaw bone health are two major determinants. Individuals with certain long term disorders (such as diabetes) which are not under good control are considered bad candidates for implants, as the risk of failure and other complications such as infection around the implants is high.

Jaw bone health which is determined by the amount of bone in the region where the low cost implant is to be placed. If there is not enough bone to support an implant and a wrong type of implant is placed, then there is a high risk of implant failure.

Hence it is important to choose the right implant based on the underlying conditions that can influence the success rate. Cost should not be the only factor taken into consideration while opting for low cost dental implants.

Risks with dental implants

There are several risks associated with all dental implants including the low cost dental implants. Some of these include:

  •  Infection at the site of implant placement
  •  Damage to the nearby structures such as blood vessels, other teeth
  •  Damage to the underlying nerves resulting in numbness or pain
  • Intrusion into sinus cavity – a common problem noted while placing implants in the upper jaw

 Nevertheless, with proper planning and careful surgical placement, many of these complications or risks can be avoided.

What are the other factors that impact?

Other factors which can influence the success of dental implants and especially low cost dental implants include, the physical characteristic (such as material, design, length) of the implant, the location of the implant, the number of implant, and the intended function (such as support a bridge or denture). All these factors must be taken into consideration while choosing the right type of dental implant. Such choices must also be individualised based on the factors such as amount of jaw bone, presence of underlying medical conditions, age of the individual, oral hygiene status, and location of the implant.

Low cost dental implants although seem to be a good option, the other influencing factors and the risks involved must be considered before choosing the type of dental implant.Schedule a visit to your dentist to know more about the right dental implant for you.

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