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How to Select a Dental Hygienist - Tips from Beechboro Dentists

Dental hygienists are qualified professionals who generally help the dentist in providing preventive and therapeutic care to patients. They also play a key role in educating patients about oral hygiene and tips to prevent different types of dental disorders. In many cases, simple dental procedures are carried out by a dental hygienist. A dental hygienist can help you maintain your oral health better.

Dental hygienist beechboro

  • Provide simple oral health treatment and dental health education to patients
  • Evaluate patient’s’ teeth and gum for signs of disease and determine the appropriate treatment in association with a dentist
  • Carry out procedures like removing plaque build-up and stains, take x-rays, making impressions of patients’ mouths and study casts, etc
  • Administer local anaesthesia
  • Assist the dentist in surgery


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Choosing the right dental hygienist

Dental hygienists are qualified professionals who would have completed either a VET qualification in oral health (dental hygiene) or a degree in oral health or oral health therapy from an institute approved by the Dental Board of Australia. Although they don’t provide all the treatments carried out by a dentist, they do carry out several/simple procedures at the dental clinic under the guidance of a dentist. According to the Dental Board of Australia, all dental hygienists are required to practice in association with a dentist. Choosing the right dental hygienist is important to ensure that you get the right treatment and the correct guidance about oral health. Here are a few aspects that you may want to look into before choosing the dental hygienist.


All dental hygienists are required to qualify from institutions approved by the Dental Board of Australia. So for the better care, you can ensure that they do have the right qualification and training for carrying out the simple procedures as directed by the dentist. The right education and training help in understanding the dental conditions better and also boost the confidence of the dental hygienist. You can also rest assured that you are in good hands.

Listening ability

A good dental hygienist is also a good listener. He/she should hear all your complaints and make sure they are well recorded. A hygienist should inquire about your dental health and listen to all your queries related to it. Listening well helps the hygienist to diagnose the condition correctly and plan the treatment appropriately.


In most of the dental clinics, the dental hygienist may be the first person who evaluates your oral health issues. They get to know you pretty quickly too! Hence it is essential for you to feel comfortable around them. Dental hygienists are trained well to handle patients who are nervous and make you feel comfortable. This is the first step in gaining your confidence and also building your confidence in dental treatment.


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Dental treatments or even appointments can be associated with anxiety and fear. Choose the dental hygienist who addresses these aspects well. They should be gentle while treating you. However, some treatments may be associated with mild discomfort while they are being carried out. Ensure you inform the hygienist if the discomfort is unbearable. He/she will take appropriate measures to relieve it.

Diagnostic ability

The dental hygienist should record all your complaint and conduct a thorough evaluation to identify the cause of the dental disorder. He/she should also look at the ‘whole picture’ to correctly diagnose your condition while deciding the right treatment plan. Although a dental hygienist may not be able to diagnose all the dental conditions, he/she should easily able to analyse the condition and infer the possible cause and the right treatment plan.

Treatment accuracy

The treatments carried out by the dental hygienist should be good. A good hygienist always discusses with the dentist about the right diagnosis and treatment plan before initiating any treatment. Education and experience are the two pillars of better treatment. Well, the trained dental hygienist can not only identify the cause of the dental problem but also plan the treatment course. The space available to work (within the mouth) is quite limited and can be challenging at times. However, a good dental hygienist should be able to carry out such treatments well and perfectly.

Training ability

Dental hygienists also need to educate you about dental health and explain the right tooth brushing methods and other similar aspects for improving your oral health. Dental hygienists may initially evaluate children as well older adults in the dental clinics. Hence, they should be able to explain all the patients about dental procedures in the simplest manner to ensure that they understand and follow the instructions accordingly. Also, they should cross-verify whether that the people have understood the oral health care instructions.

Clinical set up

The clinical set up where the dental hygienist is employed also needs to evaluate before choosing to opt for treatment. The clinic should be well equipped to handle all types of dental treatments and dental emergencies. The dentist should always overlook the work of the dental hygienist and ensure that the diagnosis is accurate and the treatment is carried out as planned. Infection control is an important aspect of every dental clinic and the dental hygienist should ensure that all measures are in place for effective infection control. A good clinical set up not only ensures good care but also helps avoid unwanted complications.

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Choosing a right dentist is very important; equally important is a good dental hygienist. Schedule an appointment today to know more about how a dental hygienist can help you improve your oral health status; and also discover the simple steps to healthy teeth and a better smile.

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