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Dental Implants - Most preferred choice in dentistry

Replacement of missing teeth is essential not only for cosmetic purposes but also for better chewing and overall oral health. There are temporary and permanent methods of replacing missing teeth. Among the permanent methods of teeth replacement, dental implants are the most preferred by dentists and patients. This is because dental implants offers several advantages compared to other options for tooth replacement.

Advantages of dental implants

  • Helps preserve natural teeth – Conventional bridges involve trimming the adjacent teeth to receive crowns. The bridge is  supported by the teeth adjacent to the missing teeth space. Over a period of time it may lead to several problems such as decay in the teeth on which the bridge has been fixed.
  • Dental Implant dentist near menPreserves bone – The bone is the region where the tooth is missing tends to resorb over time leading to movement of adjacent teeth. Additionally, it reduces the height of the jawbone (which is essential for better adaptation of dentures in later stages when all teeth are lost), which can affect the adaptability of dentures at later stages in life.
  • Better support and chewing ability – Dental implants offer better chewing ability compared to partial dentures. This is noted both in cases of a single tooth replacement or dentures. Dentures have better retention in mouth (no fear of them falling off) when supported by implants.
  • Last longer – The longevity of dental implants is much better than bridges and partial dentures. Hence these are considered as a better option as they last longer than the conventional options of replacing missing teeth. It is worth the investment.
  • Natural looking – As the screws are placed within the jaw bone and the crowns appear to be within the gums, a natural appearance is assured. Bridges are not completely seated on the gums for hygiene purposes and hence may not look natural.

Can dental implants be placed in all?

Dental implants can be placed in almost all with a healthy bone structure and good overall health. However, it may not be suitable for those with gum diseases, chronic conditions such as diabetes which are not in good control and those with poor jaw bone structure. Schedule an appointment today with a dentist to know whether a dental implant is suitable option for you.

Dental implant procedure

A dental implant is basically a titanium screw which is drilled into the jaw bone. A small portion of the screw is visible over the gum. A crown, bridge or denture is seated on the visible portion of the screw. The screw may be placed within the tooth socket either immediately after the tooth removal or later. In most of the cases, the screw is left undisturbed for a couple of months to ensure its binding to the jaw bone. Once the binding is confirmed, the crown is placed over the screw.

Although the dental implants cost much higher than traditional bridges, it offers numerous advantages, which makes it a popular tooth replacement option. Talk to your dentist today to know how implants can be useful.

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